Contacting Barakta

I have been using the name barakta online since 1997. This is my handle for good, as far as I know no one else is using 'barakta' as their online name.

Current Location: Birmingham, UK

Current Activities: Working full-time (bye bye spoons) and not a lot else. Definitely NOT running a BiCon for a while. Have been doing other stuff like running a Brum BiFest and doing work to keep Brum Bi Group up and running.

Email address:
I will respond to legitimate, coherent personal email - eventually. Please avoid HTML email (backgrounds and animated gifs especially) or other spammer like habits that increase the likelihood of your email getting munched by my spam filters.

I use most Instant Messengers (Jabber, Y!, MSN, ICQ AIM) as well as IRC. Email me for details.


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