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Requests for checks on Induction Loops

If you want me to check out a loop system in Sheffield then email me from the address on the contact page.

  • B&Q, A61, Sheffield. Check Induction Loop Systems as lots of press articles claim B&Q is very good.
  • Hallamshire Hospital, Sheffield. Check Induction Loop System status. It would be ironic if this didn't work.
  • LLoyds TSB, Broomhill, Sheffield. Confirm Induction Loop Status. Staff claiming it is functioning.

Loop Watch

After 4 years without; I have recently acquired an Induction Loop receiver dongle for my hearing aid (equivalent to 'T' on most behind-the-ear aids) so I can make use of Induction Loops in public places. Those few that seem to be turned on and functioning!

The Public Induction Loop Systems that my friends or I have been able to check:

Date Location Loop Status Comment
October 2006 Lloyds TSB Bank, Broomhill Semi-Functioning

Portable loop on desk badly affected by interference.
1. No loop system appeared to be on, so I asked staff who were professional and friendly.
2. Eventually someone found the portable loop system from the back office and plugged it in.
3. I had to instruct staff very specifically about orientation of the unit and the sound quality was very poor, fuzzy. There was interference from the lights as well.
4. Having a portable loop for a desk is pointless unless it is connected all the time. I will write and see what the management say.
June 2006 Matalan Semi-Functioning

Was switched off. Microphone poor and sound quality fuzzy and too quiet.
1. Employees didn't know anything about it making the usual "No one ever uses it" excuse.
2. Eventually an employee found the 'on switch' after much flapping and asking around.
3. Induction loop functioned but with a lot of buzzing interference and the volume was too low.
4. Needs rechecking and request for them to configure it when I'm not too hot and exhausted.
May 2006 ASDA, Sheffield: Semi-functioning

Aisles 13 and 28 Poor quality Mics. Whole system badly designed as packing area is out of effective range of loop.

Customer service unit ???
1. Verbal reports made on 3 occasions at checkout and customer services. Staff did not know about the system, but did not make any poor excuses either. I believe they passed the report to superiors but were ignored.
2. Letter of complaint written 1st June. Awaiting response and repair.
3. 14th June, Induction Loop system in aisle 13 is functioning but too quiet. Customer service ones still undectable. I am still awaiting a reply to my letter.
4. 24th March 2007, STILL No reply to letter. Induction loop in Aise 28 works, but is worse than useless picking up more shop noise than cashier. Loop field doesn't cover all the checkout area, so as soon as packing shopping, I was out of the range. No comments made as we were in a hurry, but I shall chase up the letter I sent last summer.
March 2006 Showroom Cinema
See Website
Functioning 1. Ask for a neck-loop induction loop receiver at the desk.
2. You may be presented with a box full of Sennheiser branded 'gadgets' as the employees while helpful may not know which device is which.
3. No deposit is required.
2002 Sheffield University SSID Functioning (needs recheck) 1. Non functionality reported.
2. Employees very helpful and concerned. Very willing to learn about how induction loop systems work.
3. Repair was carried out within 2 weeks.
4. Induction loop system at the desk and in back room was very loud and clear.
2002 Sheffield University Union Auditorium Functioning (needs recheck) 1. Non functionality reported. Some bright spark drilled several holes through it when refitting seating.
2. Temp system installed after 12 months after several complaints from me and others in person and in writing. Union and University were engaged in 'pass the buck' about who was to blame for the original damage, and who would fund the repair.
3. Repairs to the permanent system took 18 months! Repairs were only permitted during non-term time.

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